Adam Parker Smith
Body DreamsBody Dreams (detail)LiberatorLiberator (detail)Untitled (with towel)Riviera in Khaki Smear (Hannibal)Smear (Hannibal), detailLeisure RulesUntitled (Keanu)Untitled (Keanu), detailChimeChime (copper)CrushBottom 2Bottom 1American TotemAmerican Totem, detailThe Absurd The Absurd
archival digital print
82" x 60"Thanks (curated)Angelyne installationUntitled (player piano)Untitled (dick)Untitled (dong)Angelyne installation Untitled (Kanye shutter shades, red to yellow)Untitled (Kanye shutter shades)Untitled (Kanye shutter shades, pink to blue)9:4:1Untitled (folded flag)Untitled (chiffon)Fit
Untitled (Car in Bottle)PlungeGoodnight My KittenGoodnight My Kitten (detail)ProposalProposal (detail)Untitled (watermelon)Installation at Times Museum, Guangzhou, China with, Preggers, Fox in Box, Crush, and CageCageCage, detailPreggersPreggers, detailPreggers, detailFox in BoxPinnedMateRock Hard in a Funky PlacePupBurn OutBurn OutAdam Parker Smith
Adam Parker Smith
mixed media sculpture and installation